Maandelijks archief: september 2007

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger




Adapting to my new job hasn’t been as easy as I thought. I guess I underestimated it a bit, especially since I’ve done plenty of other jobs which seemed (at the time at least) pretty hard. Heh. I know this is just a transition phase, and I’ll get used to it give or take a couple of weeks.

The general atmosphere is nice though, and I get along fine with my other collegues too. I was a bit afraid of this in the beginning I have to admit. I must have some unresolved traumas or something from workin,g in that factory. Though the mood is easy-going, they let you bust your ass every single second, but that way the days never seem long. Without those dead moments you get the feeling time passes quick enough alright. The thing that does bother me is my contract. Or better put, my previous contract(s). Thanks to the fuckers at the vdab I have a grand total of two (2) days off to look forward to until december. Yep folks, that’s two days in six months. But that only bothers me when I’m really tired. And it’s not like my social life is that active right now. But hey, at least I get to ogle the occasional attractive woman.

To stop the whinging, I’ll put in a few words on living together for the first time in two years. It’s not bad actually, we’re getting along fine and when there’s a problem it gets resolved pretty quickly.

It’s great when people don’t shut up in fear of offending someone.

It’s also nice to always have someone around to talk to. The house is big enough for plenty of “me” time, but I usually hang out a lot in the living room. There’s still nothing worthwhile on tv.

Now and then I do get a twinge of well, I guess you could call it homesickness. Not that I really miss Ghent in the sense that I wake up with a wet pillow, but I think Leuven’s just not my kind of city.

A moot point actually, since I don’t really live there, but still. The sense of peace and quiet here however is amazing. I doubt I would have found that in Ghent. I miss the people more than the buildings anyway.

Also, cats. they’re pretty great overall; except now and then when I can hear a vague crash somewhere in the house and have to roll my eyes thinking “oh gods what have they fucked up now”. It’s pretty funny because from time to time they make you think they completely wrecked a room but when you go take a look -expecting a hole in the wall and the smoking remains of the furniture- they just lounge on a chair or something, giving you that ‘sup’ look.

Amazing creatures.

I’m just too tired to write anything else tonight, so I’ll just take a bath and hit the sack.


I feel as though I’ve earned that.